10 Celebs You’d Never Know Were Once Badasses

Throughout history, famous folks have had to step into roles when duty called, sometimes at the risk of more than their careers. They’ve had to risk their very lives. In order to go back to their famous lives, they have to leave all that trauma behind.

The most famous case of this was Elvis Presley, who was happy to serve his country, despite the pleas of his dedicated fans who asked for the service to deny him entry. The man was drafted. He served well as far as we know. Then he went back to entertaining.

Not all of the celebs on this list were in the armed forces, but every one of them put himself or herself, as they case may be, in harm’s way for the good of others. Some of these you may know about, but some will flip your lid.

To make it fun, we’ve flipped the stories around, starting with the badass on one slide, then revealing the celebrity on the next. See if you can guess from the clues.

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