Amazing Places In The World You Will Only See Online From Afar

36. Svalbard Seed Vault – Norway

The only people who can enter the Seed Vault are the secret alien overlords of Earth. (Kidding again. There are no aliens. Just stahp.) That said, of you get close enough, a laser beam will emanate from outer space and erase you. (Still joking.) For a few days every year, authorized personnel enter the Seed Vault to make sure nothing has gone haywire, but also to add more seeds to the vault. The Norwegians, sure that we’d eventually come to our own demise, built the vault in case someone had to reseed the planet. Inside, someplace you’ll be happy to never go, seeds rest comfortably in vacuum-sealed packages in a controlled environment. There are almost 900,000 different seed types in the Vault right now, but it can hold up to 4.5 million, so at least the Norwegians are hopeful we won’t annihilate ourselves soon. Either that or they are behind schedule.

35. Ise Grand Shrine – Ise, Japan

Chosen by the goddess Amaterasu-Omikami herself, this site is over 2020 years old. (It was the goddess and her alien posse actually.) There was never any goddess, not on Earth at least, but the site is legit. It’s over 100 shrines in all, none of which you will ever see except views like this. The only people allowed close to this place are the Shinto (religious) clergy of the royal family. That’s if you don’t count the Japanese military guarding the outside. Even they are not allowed in. From the outside, one can spy on the outsides of the shrines, and that’s about it. The view of these roofs changes every 20 years, though, as the Shinto religious doctrine dictates they must tear them down and rebuild. As is life, we are born, we die, and we become something else.

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