31 NBA Players That Lost Everything!

As kids, we all grew up dreaming about becoming a megastar in basketball, but it’s not as easy as it seems. We see the glory, the paychecks, and the luxury lifestyle, but we don’t see the struggle and the hard work it takes to reach that superstar level. Only those that are strong enough and blessed with the talent to go through all the obstacles standing in their way, just to achieve the dream of becoming a basketball superstar.Unfortunately, reaching that level of success comes with a certain lifestyle, and that lifestyle can be very expensive. Some players live the dream a little too long and don’t manage their money right so when it comes time to hang up the sneakers things can get a little tight. A scary fact is that over 60% of NBA players reportedly go broke within five years of retirement.

You’re about to see a list of superstar basketball players that went from hero to zero in just a few short years and ended up losing it all!

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