25 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From ‘The Bionic Woman’

3. Lindsey Wagner Almost Didn’t Play The Part

Lindsay Wagner’s contract with Universal Studios ended before Bionic Woman ever began. So, the studio did consider other actresses to play the part. Some options included Sally Field and Stefanie Powers. The studio ultimately chose Lindsay to play the part.

4. Jaime Sommer’s Parents Were Professors

PHOTO: Twitter

Before Jaime Sommers’ parents worked undercover for the United States, they worked as college professors before their daughter became The Bionic Woman. Later, they were murdered in a suspicious car accident. After that, Jim and Elen Elgin became Jaime’s legal guardians.

5. The Bionic Woman Changed TV History

Strong female characters were pretty rare during the time when the show came out. The Bionic Woman’s personal strength and incredible popularity among fans helped send a message to the world that it was time to have more characters like her. Many women looked up to Jaime as a role model, and her character paved the way for more strong female characters (especially in Sci Fi) after her.

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