25 Caddyshack Secrets That’ll Change The Way You View The Film

23. The elusive gopher

Have you ever noticed that Carl is in only one scene with that elusive gopher? That furry little guy that you see throughout the movie was actually an afterthought that was shot after filming had officially wrapped. Producers figured out a way to use the gopher to tie many of the scenes together, so they decided to shoot the additional scenes post production.

22. The party behind the scenes

Cofounder of the National Lampoon magazine, Doug Kenney, was a Harvard grad that had a knack for being funny, most of the time. He was one of the key writers for the movie but apparently was severely depressed during filming. According to reports, he drank heavily and had a serious addiction to cocaine which made for interesting press conferences and behind the scenes during filming. He later passed away after falling off of a cliff in Hawaii.

21. Discouraged Dangerfield

As we mentioned before, Caddyshack was the first major film for comedian Rodney Dangerfield. He was used to standing up on stage at comedy clubs, or the Tonight Show and Dean Martin show, where people would laugh at his jokes. But when it came to the filming of the movie was became extremely discouraged because nobody would laugh at his jokes while on set. He actually thought he was “bombing” until producers informed him that other actors normally don’t laugh in fear of possibly ruining the take.

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