25 Caddyshack Secrets That’ll Change The Way You View The Film

20. The real groundskeeper

According to reports Bill Murray actually worked as a groundskeeper at the Indian Hill Country Club before becoming an actor. He also worked as a caddy and ran a hot dog stand. Indian Hill is said to be the country club that provided inspiration to the creators of the film so it’s only fitting that Murray worked there back in the day. I wonder if that’s also where he pulled the inspiration for his famous role of Carl.

19. Bad Blood

You’d think that Chevy Chase and Bill Murray would get along just fine considering they both worked on Saturday Night Live. But actually, it was Murray that replaced Chase so there was a little bit of bad blood between the two comedic icons before the shooting of the movie. It was bad enough that it was agreed upon prior to shooting that the two would never appear in the same shot together. However, they did manage to make amends just in time to film the classic scene where Ty Webb enters Carl’s shack, which was completely improvised.

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