25 Crazy Deep Sea Creatures Surfaced by a Russian Fisherman

On the deck of a Russian vessel, somewhere in the Murmansk sea, a trawlerman named Roman Fedortsov labors like any other working stiff. Trawling is the process of dragging a cone shaped net through the water to catch all the tasty seafood we land lubbers like to eat. The downside to trawling is something called bycatch. Trawling nets grab anything in their path. For Fedortsov, the deep sea bycatch pulled onto the boat where he works has been a fodder for his social media accounts. Some bizarre creatures inhabit the deep seas. The standard operating procedure on trawling boats is to toss bycatch over the side, but Fedortsov documents these oddities before tossing them. Most of them he couldn’t identify if he wanted to because nobody’s ever named them before, not in an official capacity. Fedortsov is a social media deep sea pioneer of creepiness. What follows are 25 of his finds.

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