25 Former and Current Athletes Who Had To Get Regular Jobs

After the limelight fades, the question fans always wonder is, what happened to that guy? Believe it or not, lives go on after the last ball hits the ground.

For these pro athletes, there was just so much left to give the world, they took jobs that might surprise you. Many go into sports-related fields, but not all of them.

You’ll never believe who made a life in rock n’ roll after he left the locker room… read on.

Karl Malone


You were hoping to read that Malone took up a job delivering mail, but no. He actually took several jobs after the NBA, mostly in an effort to give back to the community. The coolest thing he’s done is haul timber from properties. Yeah, he drives the rig, just because. He’s also hosted a show for ESPN, totally for free.

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