40 Illegal Photos Exposing the Truth About Life in North Korea

Recently, a college student from the United States, Otto Warmbier, returned from North Korea after serving 17-months of a fifteen-year sentence for stealing propaganda from the hotel where he stayed. Warmbier came home in a vegetative state, then died days later. While Warmbier had admitted to the allegations, few believe he deserved to die for his crimes. His story has provoked outrage and reinvigorated curiosities about North Korea. People in the United States, and the world at large, want to know what the heck is up with this country? Most of the photos in this gallery are from tourists or former residents, taken in violation of the same laws that convicted Warmbier.

Tourism follows designated routes.

When and if one decides to visit North Korea (Why? Was the Caribbean overbooked??)… from the time that tourist enters the country until he leaves, North Korea controls the route. Each tourist receives his own tour guide, who ensures that the tourist sees exactly what North Korea wants tourists to see. It’s not the whole truth about North Korea. In many places, they’ve staged the activities along the route.

The government teaches hatred of the United States.

This is no big surprise. From the North Korean perspective, the United States committed unspeakable war crimes during the Korean conflict. Of course, North Korea sent the U.S. Army packing, but before they left the Americans behaved very badly. Propaganda in North Korea includes museums, classroom lessons, and billboards depicting the ugly Americans.

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