40 Illegal Photos Exposing the Truth About Life in North Korea

Housing is sad.

In a place where creative self-expression is not valuable, finding affordable, educated architects can be a challenge. For this reason, many of the housing situations appear sad. Not without exception, they are exactly what one would expect from a communist dictatorship. Paint colors are drab. Concrete is common.

Self-expression comes in 28 variations.

Speaking of self-expression, the North Korea does allow one to express himself. Men have 28 different haircuts from which to choose or so it seems from this picture. It may be a picture of styles not unlike our own barbers, but you can be sure you won’t see any men sporting flamboyant hairstyles. If there are more options, tourists do not see them. According to reports, men keep the hair five centimeters or shorter. Aging men can go all crazy at seven centimeters.

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