25 of Frank Sinatra’s Lovers From A to Zsa Zsa

In his short time on this planet, the public and the press characterized Frank Sinatra in many ways. If one were to believe everything they said, he was a member of the Rat Pack, a crooner, an actor, a womanizer and a friend of the mob. From the Chairman of the Board to Old Blue Eyes, Sinatra had as many nicknames as he had women in his life. Okay, that’s totally unfair. Nobody could have more of anything than Sinatra had of women. If he wasn’t married to them, he was trying to sleep with them, and if it wasn’t that, then he only wanted a little attention.

Here are 25 women that may or may not have officially been in Swoonatra’s little black book.

25. Angie Dickinson

The first time Hollywood made the movie, “Ocean’s Eleven,” the cast included Dickinson and Sinatra. The movie may not have been as much of a success as the remake, but it connected these two lovebirds. For 20 years, on and off, they dated but never married. Dickinson was a little young for Frank, which is probably why she is still alive today

24. Anita Ekberg

Sinatra and Ekberg met filming “4 for Texas.” In classic Sinatra style, he managed to squeeze an affair out of the… um, affair. What one has to wonder is how mutual were the affections? Did these women actually want to sleep with him or did they think they’d get something out of it?

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