25 Secrets About Flying; A Few You’ll Wish You Never Knew

There are certain truths about flying on airplanes that you may prefer not to know. Stand warned. Once you read past this intro, you will know some of those truths. You may not want to know what follows. If it’s any consolation, planes take off and land by the 100-thousandfold every day. Despite this frequency, few people will ever learn any of this from firsthand experience. Make it your mission to tell them.

25. Those Headphones May Not be Fresh

So, those headphones you took from the attendant? Yeah, the ones in the plastic, that seem like they were hermetically-sealed in a medical factory someplace? Nope. They may be clean, technically, but there is nothing medically clean about them. From the perspective of this ear-germ freak, these are about the grossest thing ever. Bring your own headphones. Grody.

24. The Pilot May Pass Out

You know how we talk about “autopilot” for automobiles? That expression came from the airline industry. Planes, which require less constant attention than cars because it’s a big sky and there are far few fewer planes than cars on the immediate road. We’ve automated them for decades. The full scope of that automation has only increased with technology, so much that today’s pilots can actually sleep while the plane flies itself. Don’t worry. There’s usually a co-pilot awake just in case, but sometimes they fall asleep too. 

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