25 Secrets About Flying; A Few You’ll Wish You Never Knew

23. You Should Listen to the Safety Instructions

When the plane taxis into position for the flight, the attendants put on a little show. Most of us read or listen to music. We’ve heard it. We know the drill. This is all a formality. Not so fast, slim. Flight to flight, the details of how the safety equipment works changes somewhat. Bear in mind that you will have all of 10-15 seconds to get that mask on your face when they fall. After that, you’ll likely pass out. The masks falling doesn’t mean the plane is going to crash, but you won’t survive without oxygen so it’s all the same if you’re lost.

22. They’ll Dim the Lights for You

Ever notice how the lights on the interior of the plane go up and down as the plane takes off and lands? There is a reason for that. It’s not the pilots playing “light show” from the cockpit. When the plane lands, they dim the lights allow your eyes to adjust to the sunlight or the artificial light in the gangplank.

21. Airplane Mode is No Lie

When the flight attendants ask passengers to put their electronic devices on “airplane mode,” most passengers go about their lives like someone was spitting safety instructions. (Foolish, right?) Yeah, so about that? It’s not like your devices will bring down the plane, but maybe. The pilot can hear interference from your devices while trying to listen to the tower or control center. Do you really want to mess with that? 

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