25 Strange and Unknown Facts Surrounding World War II

No war affected more people on Earth, nor caused more intrigue than the Second World War. Because the war affected so many people in so many nations, the experience resonated through families everywhere. It became a very personal conflict, one our historians will never exhaust. The popular discussion covers everything from debates about battle details to conspiracy theories and ghost stories. What follows is more fuel for your debates, 25 details about WWII you may not yet know.

Soviet Invasion of Finland

The Soviet invasion of Finland happened only three months after Germany invaded Poland. Historians call it the Winter War. The Soviets were three times in number to the Finnish Army, but the Finnish snipers took out the Soviets 40:1. Despite this, the Fins ceded 11% of their territory by the end. Although not technically part of World War II, the difficulty the Soviets faced overtaking the Fins gave Hitler the impression he could defeat the Soviets without trouble.

I-401 Class Japanese Submarine

Few know that the Japanese possessed the largest class of submarines during and after World War II, until the construction of nuclear subs in the 1960s. This photo, taken in 2005, is a recovered sub. These subs were so big, they could transport aircraft underwater, dropping them in remote locations or launching them from the ocean’s surface. Despite bigger plans, the Japanese only built three of these.

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