25 Strange and Unknown Facts Surrounding World War II

Bomber Runs

The standard goal for World War II was for bomber crews to complete 25 missions, but their execution of those goals was bleak. It became statistically impossible for any crew to complete a full tour.

American POWs

The atrocities of Nazi internments take center stage for the War, but Nazi’s weren’t the only ones imprisoning people. The Japanese took prisoners too. There were around 41,000 American POWs captured during the course of the war. The German treatment of POWS resulted in about 10% dying. The Japanese, on the other hand, captured about 5,000 Americans. Around half  of them died.

Calvin Graham

At age 12, Graham looked older than he was, a lot older. He was also a smart kid. The U.S. needed fighters so badly and Calvin was slick enough that he made it into the Navy. After boot camp in San Diego, he went to Pearl Harbor, then sailed on the USS South Dakota. Ultimately, the Battle of Guadalcanal left him wounded. There, while receiving treatment, the military discovered his real age and sent him home.

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