29 of the Richest Athletes in the World

This list is one of the craziest I have done in a long time. The sheer amount of money that some of these athletes make is staggering, but so is the talent they bring to the table. They bring in the fans, the endorsements and the advertisers, so they have earned every penny of their take.

The one thing I guarantee you is, you have no idea who the highest earner on this list will be.

29. Peyton Manning


Sport: Football-retired

Post Career: Endorsements/ Sponsorships/ Pizza

Net Worth: $200 Million

Details: The face says he’s a dork, but the reality is that Manning is the greatest quarterback of all-time. Last year he was far from his career best but still managed to find a way to win the Super Bowl and retire on top. His off the field endorsements have made him filthy rich, and he’s one of the few athletes who comes off as quite pleasant. Whether jocking pizza, phones, insurance or junkfood, Manning does it all with style.

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