36 Amazing Facts About the Biggest Star in UFC History, Conor McGregor

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34. Sinead O’Connor once sang his entrance song

Perhaps one of the best and most famous Irish performers, aside from McGregor, is Sinead O’Connor. While she may not be in the spotlight near as much as she used to, O’Connor was and still is a national treasure. McGregor being extremely proud of his Irish heritage openly expresses his love for O’Connor’s music. So much so that he has walked out to the Octagon to her rendition of “Foggy Dew” on numerous occasions. At UFC 189 McGregor took his showmanship to the next level by asking Sinead herself to perform live as he entered the area and walked to the Octagon.

(source: thestar.ie)

(source: thestar.ie)

33. He’s already the most popular fighter in UFC history

No fighter has been as popular and polarizing as Conor McGregor. In a relatively short time, he has become more popular than Brock Lesnar, Georges St. Pierre and even the lovely Ronda Rousey. The sky is the limit in terms of his worldwide popularity. His notorious “I have decided to retire young tweet” in early 2016 set a record for most retweets of an athlete’s tweet, crushing the previous record Kobe Bryant set when he announced his retirement. So you can only imagine how much his popularity has grown thanks to the fight with Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

(source: dearpig.com)

(source: dearpig.com)

32. He’s currently the richest fighter in UFC history

McGregor regularly makes seven figures for his fights in the UFC, far more than anyone else in the sport. He recently appeared on the Forbes list of the Top 100 Richest Athletes list at #24 after making $34 million in 2016. And as he continues to grow an even bigger fan base, his earnings will surely grow too. For example, the fight with Mayweather is estimated to bring him another $75 million just for that single fight. That will surely move him even further up the Forbes list.

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