5 of the Best Fights in NHL History (VIDEO)

There are few things hockey fans love than a good fight. While some people want fighting out of the game, it is a great way for a team to energize their skaters and their fans.  While some can be uneventful and even boring, others can be amazing tilts that continue to be talked about for years. Here are a few of the greatest fights in NHL history.

1. Bob Nystrom vs. Mel Bridgman

Despite this one taking way back in 1978 and being recorded in black and white video, this is just as intense a fight as you’ll ever see. Both men wasted absolutely no time absolutely teeing off on each other and an unbelievable clip. While the fight is legendary, kudos for both of the teams not jumping in or making the brawl any bigger, despite being so close to the action.

2. Donald Brashear vs. George Laraques

Now if you are looking for a heavyweight slugfest, there is perhaps no better two men to watch throw down than these two. They are both known for their amazing fights, so seeing the two go each other was a dream for some, and it didn’t disappoint. Early on, it looks as if Laraques was winning easily, until Brashear uncorked two fierce lefts that dropped Laraques. The only thing better than this fight might be the commentary that accompanied it.

3. Tie Domi vs. Bob Probert

This was a “changing of the guard” so to speak. Before Domi came around, Probert was known as the fiercest fighter out there. So when the two came together, there was no doubt it would be fireworks. Probert was the much bigger man, but Domi was game the entire fight and both guys hit many big punches and ultimately fought to a draw, and Domi was obviously happy with his performance.

4. PJ Stock vs. Stephen Peat

You may not know either of these guys, but you have probably seen their fight. In a blowout game, tempers can flare and they most definitely did in this one. Though the fight only lasted about half a minute, each man threw dozens and dozens of punches and it was back and forth action for the entire time. I especially like that how, after throwing at each other so many times, the two were able to have a clean break as soon as the refs came in, which is great sportsmanship.

5. Marty McSorley vs. Bob Probert

This heavyweight clash is all about endurance and true grit. While many fights can be over in a few seconds, the longest rarely go over half a minute or so. However, this heavyweight slugfest went on for over a minute and a half. Both men had their moments and probably threw a hundred punches each during the bout. It is pretty shocking that the refs didn’t stop it earlier. As you can see, they got close and thought about it, but I can’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to step in between these two monsters either.