5 of the Best NBA Player Interviews Ever (VIDEO)

These days, athletes and the media don’t always get along. Players know each and every word they say can be analyzed and misconstrued, so most athletes refrain from giving colorful interviews. However, in the past, players didn’t have these issues. And few sports (if any) have had more famous interviews than basketball. So here are five of the best player interviews in NBA history.

1. “ I am not a Bench Player”

Of perhaps all the outspoken and fearless players in the NBA, no one embodied that better than Iverson. Not only was he fearless on the court, he also showed no fear with a microphone in his face. And when he had the opportunity for an interview after not getting enough playing time the last few games he voice his displeasure. Numerous great sound bites can come from this short interview such as “Which former MVP comes off the bench” and more. In today’s day and age, most players would never attack their team and coaching staff like this.

2. “Ball”

While Hedo Turkoglu put almost zero effort in during his short tenure in Toronto, he put even less into this interview. After being asked some questions from a reporter, instead of offering up more than one interesting and in depth answers, Hedo offered but one word in response to the second question, “ball”. The reasoning behind why he said this are unknown, but it makes for one of the most hilariously awkward interview moments ever.

3. “Anything is Possible”

You will be hard pressed to find a more emotional interview in history. Moments after winning an NBA title for the first time, Kevin Garnett was about to have the interview of his life. Even after taking a few seconds to calm himself down, Garnett couldn’t help but explode with emotion during his interview, crying profusely and looking up to the sky and loudly professing “anything is possible”, which has been shown over and over in NBA promos fro years.

4. “Sacramento Queens”

Nowadays, if teams or players go at eat other with some banter, it is normally through reporters or clever little barbs on social media, but they never just say what they mean, full on, in front of cameras. But Shaq, well he just straight up didn’t care. In an interview during a playoff series against the Sacramento Kings, Shaq just decided to call them the Sacramento Queens on numerous occasions, every asking that the reporters go tell them what he said.

5. “Practice”

But, nothing can top this. You knew it would be number one when you entered this article and there is a good chance it is the most famous interview or clip in sports history. Allen Iverson is making his second appearance in that article and I am not surprised in the least. After the sixers lost in the playoffs (with Iverson playing almost every minute), coach Larry Brown said that Iverson has to change, and should be practicing. This obviously irked Iverson as he gave an outstanding interview (featuring the word practice over 20 times) that words just can’t do justice.