5 of the Filthiest Goals in Soccer History (VIDEO)

Throughout the long and storied history of the sport of soccer, there have been millions of goals scored. And while some of these are fairly routine and easy, some are not. Some of the goals scored in soccer’s history have taken skill and finesse that only a select few people on this planet have. Here are five of those goals.

1. Messi’s Greatest Goal?

When all is said and done, Leo Messi will likely go down as one of the best players of all time, and it is because of outstanding plays like this one. In a high pressure game like the Copa Del Ray Final, Messi pulled off the best goal of his career. While the shot itself was nice, the run from Messi is what makes this amazing. He runs around and dekes out basically half of the entire opposing team before scoring.

2. Matt Le Tissier’s Juggle

Matt Le Tissier had a reputation for being a very creative an technical attacking midfielder throughout his career in Southhampton. And while he is thought to be the best ever at the traditional Penalty Kick in history, his best goal was far from traditional. In his brilliant goal against Newcastle, Le Tissier juggled the ball around to separate defenders before beating the keeper for the goal.

3. Mauro Bressan’s Overhead Kick

While Mauro Bressan himself wasn’t legendary, this goal of his absolutely was. As a member of Fiorentina in a game against powerhouse Barcelona, Bressan shocked everyone in attendance. With the ball being kicked high in the air, the ball took a single bounce in the air and Bressan surprised everyone (including the defenders and the keeper) by attempting a bicycle kick from long range, which he ended up scoring. The vision, timing and power of the shot were all perfect.

4. Roberto Carlos Impossible Goal

Roberto Carlos is famous for his absolutely blistering and physics defying shots, but this one takes the cake as the best of his career. While chasing down a ball that was easily headed out of bounds, Carlos took a swing at the ball with his left foot from the left side of the post, and miraculously scored. Now, the reason this goal is impossible has to do with the angle he shot it from. Shooting the ball from basically behind the goal with your left foot from the left side, he should have never been able to tuck it inside the post like he did.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Bicycle

You probably knew this was going to be here, as it is largely seen as one of the best goals of all time and is my choice for the best ever. For a man famous for his scoring, this was insane even for him. In the closing seconds of a game against England, Ibrahimovic (after a header by England goalie Joe Hart), turned and whipped a brilliant bicycle kick from over 30 yards that found the back of the net. The extreme difficulty that goes into scoring this goal on a grand stage for your country is unfathomable.