5 of the Greatest Goalie Fights (VIDEO)

When it comes to watching hockey, fans often love watching nothing more than players drop the mitts and engage in some fisticuffs. However, when two goalies meet at center ice and duke it up, that gets fans going in a way a traditional fight simply cannot. Here are three of the best goalie fights ever that are sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

1. Dan Cloutier vs Tommy Salo

Whenever a lot of people think of a goalie fight, this is wear their minds will often go first. The fight itself was pretty one sided as Cloutier not only won the fight, but delivered a number of overhand punches to Salo and he was nothing more than a heap on the ground. But what really made his fight is when Cloutier skated by the opposing bench after the fight and challenged them all in what is one of the best shots in NHL history.

2. Patrick Roy vs Mike Vernon

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings had one of the best rivlaries in hockey with a lot of emotion involved. Well, in 1997, a brawl occurred in which Roy jumped in to help his teammates. Of course, Vernon then joined the fracas and then the two net minders soon stood toe to toe. The two traded bombs back and forth until Vernon eventually took Roy down. The place was erupting all throughout the fight, showing that fans don’t mind a little goalie fight every now and then.

3. Ron Hextall vs Felix Potvin

With the game over and the Flyers picking up a win, the Leafs weren’t too happy and a brawl incited after the final horn. Seeing this, Flyers goalie Ron Hextall skated down the entire length of the ice to meet Potvin, and the two squared up. The two traded overhand shots back and forth in what was one of the best and most competitive goalie fights in history, which only ended because both men were too exhausted to continue.

4. Brent Johnson vs Rick Dipietro

This fight probably didn’t need to happen. The game was basically over, and Dipietro had let in three goals. But after a little skirmish took place, Johnson skated over to Dipietro and the two decided to go, but Dipietro probably wished he hadn’t. Dipietro lasted nothing but a few seconds before Johnson put him down. Not a great night at the office for the Islanders goalie.

5. Patrick Roy vs Chris Osgood

This one was legendary for a number of reasons.  First of all, both goalies were among the best in the sport at this time and they were both a part of the aforementioned Avs and Red Wings rivalry. After a skirmish, both goalies decided they would fight too, but Roy was definitely more willing. Roy was throwing right hands, while the commentating of this fight is what helps this be number one as the announcer was about as excited as I have ever heard an announcer over a fight.