5 of the Greatest Showmen in NFL History (VIDEO)

While the NFL is home to the best football players on the planet, it is also still entertainment and thus, players with personality often get a lot of air time and love from the fans. There is nothing like someone who is not only talented, but also entertaining in the process, like these five guys. While they may rub some people the wrong way, others simply love it.

1. Terrell Owens

Not only was Owens among the best players of all time, you always knew he was going to shock you with his antics. On the field, his touchdown dances and celebrations were legendary and sometimes got on the nerves of his opponents (most notably the Dallas Cowboys). And off the field, the interviews and soundbites the guy gave were the stuff of legends. While he may have been a bit of a diva and a questionable teammate, he was nothing if not entertaining.

2. Deion Sanders

When your nickname is Prime Time, there is no arguing that you are a showman. He is still one of the most athletic players in NFL history and his special teams play and his incredible defense led to some amazing highlights. On top of his showmanship, he is seen by many as the best cornerback of all time. Right from the second he became an NFL player, he was pure entertainment through and through.

3. Jacoby Jones

This may be a surprise to some, but this guy is nothing if not entertaining. While never an elite or number one wide receiver, when this guy touches the ball, magical things happen. He is probably the best dancer to ever be in the NFL and his TD dances are unlike anything I have seen before. His greatness was never on display in a better fashion than the 2012 Super Bowl in which he had a long catch for a touchdown and a 100+ yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

4. Steve Smith

There is perhaps no more chippy or aggressive NFL player than Steve Smith. The guy will not back down from anyone and is always intense between the whistles. However, when the guy would score, he was the creator of some of the most creative and hilarious touchdown dances ever. A great player with a chippy side who can still be a jokester and have fun, there is nothing better.

5. Chad Ochocinco

You knew he would be here. I would argue there has been no more exciting player to watch in NFL history than Chad Ochocinco. Not only was he among the best wide receivers in the NFL for a few years, his touchdown celebrations are unmatched. From his dances, to proposing to cheerleaders and more, Ochocinco never failed to excite us with his fun loving antics. Of the field, he is also one of the most entertaining as his social media accounts are among the best of any athlete on earth.