Basketball: History’s Greatest Buzzer Beaters (Video)

The game of professional basketball has captured our hearts because of the competition, athleticism but most of all, the finish. No matter how most game play out over three and a half quarters, the game almost always comes down to the final minute. Because how you finish is much more important than how you start.

Take the epic shot Michael Jordan took in game 6 of the 1998 NBA finals vs. the Utah Jazz. While he shot 15-35 that night, Jordan was also playing while deathly sick with the flu. ┬áHe pulled himself onto the floor and after getting an IV at halftime, Jordan stole the ball with 16 seconds left and knew that he needed to make this last shot in order to win the Championship. 13…12…11. Jordan,┬átired and sick, moved to the right and drove hard but suddenly stopped and pulled a jump shot from the top of the key. With 5 seconds remaining, Jordan made the winning shot and pulled off one of the greatest shots in NBA history.