Become A Ninja Master Of The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS) sits next to Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best as iconic American shows of the mid-20th century. These shows capture the bygone era of wholesome goodness and family values some believe we’ve lost. Perhaps… but, it wasn’t always wholesome goodness off-set. Here are 25 secrets you never knew about TAGS.

Opie didn’t throw the rock

During the opening credits, little Opie, played by a young Ron Howard, throws a stone into a lake. It’s cute, sure, but Howard was too little to throw the rock that far. If one watches carefully, there is a pause to the throw. The director, Bruce Bilson, asked a prop man to stand behind a bush and throw a rock for Ronnie.

Aunt Bee was humorless

The woman who played Aunt Bee, Frances Bavier, was at times cranky. It’s not uncommon for even the funniest performers to be grumpy off set. Bavier was no exception, apparently. People who worked with her said she didn’t really have a sense of humor.

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