Breaking Records in Major League Baseball

Is there a better feeling than breaking a record of any sort? Especially one at the highest level of your given sport or activity? Not likely no. And it doesn;t get much better than playing in Major League Baseball and setting a record. That’s because with almost 150 years worth of baseball throughout history there have been thousands of players that have attempted to do the same thing.

Some of the most notable records are of course the single season home run record that currently belongs to Barry Bonds (even though some feel it deserves an asterisk). Bonds also holds the all-time home run record which is something that will live on for quite some time. Then there’s Rodger Clemens who set the single game strikeout record with 20, though he technically shares the record with Kerry Wood. The point being, there is nothing that can replicate that feeling and there is only a small handful of players that have been lucky enough to experience it. Here is a short video showing some of the highlights of record breaking performances over the years. Which is your favorite?