Celebrity Double Take: The Stunt Doubles of the Leading Men and Women of Hollywood

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When you’ve clawed your way to becoming one of the leading men or women of Hollywood, you want to protect your main asset, which is yourself. That means you don’t want to be doing any activities that could lead to an injury or, even worse, disfigurement that would cause you to lose your “look or likeness.”  Studios put up a ridiculous amount of money for lead roles and there’s no way they’re going to let celebrities put themselves in harm’s way. So, they find the next-best option; a stunt double.

We compiled a list to pay tribute to those wild men and women, and you won’t believe all the celebrities that used a double (cough, The Rock,” cough).

Tom Hardy and Jacob Tomuri

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Tom Hardy launched himself into action film superstardom thanks to his role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. He was fantastic, so good in fact that many doors were opened for him in Hollywood which ultimately led to him playing the lead character in Mad Max. By the time he started filming Mad Max he was a hot commodity, so when things got a bit rough out in the middle of nowhere, Jacob Tomuri stepped in to save the day. From a distance, it would be difficult to tell Tomuri and Hardy apart, which makes him the perfect stunt double.

Margot Robbie and Ingrid Kleinig

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Being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, you’d think finding a stunt double would be a difficult thing to do. But if you can believe it, they found someone with just enough of the likeness that Margot Robbie used a double for some of Harley Quinn’s crazy scenes in Suicide Squad. Her name is Ingrid Kleinig, and it should go without saying that she’s an attractive woman (it is Robbie’s double, after all). She has no problem throwing herself in harm’s way to protect her drop dead gorgeous look-alike.

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