Finally, Outting the Dish on John Travolta

Despite a small hiccup in the 1980s and early ‘90s, John Travolta has been a prominent Hollywood figure since the ’70’s. In the beginning, producers would cast him in grease-y young Italian-American roles. Despite this, today he’s staying alive. In fact, the more time that passes, the more diverse the roles. His work in “Pulp Fiction” and “American Crime Story” had Travolta asking look who’s talking now? Over the years, he’s had to face off-hand remarks and ridicule about his beliefs, and he’s suffered plenty, but now he’s trading paint in the fast lane again. Is he a good guy? Nobody could answer that, but here are 25 details that might help.

Growing up Travolta: Childhood

The name on his birth certificate reads John Joseph Travolta. It was February 18, 1954, when baby Travolta busted onto the scene in Englewood, New Jersey. The old neighborhood back then was Irish-Americans. The Travolta’s were a Catholic household of Irish and Italian Americans. Life was rich with love for them. Little John had four older siblings, all actors too.

Growing up Travolta: Parents

John grew up with two wonderful parents, Helen and Salvatore. From his Irish heritage mother, John inherited his acting talent. He grew up watching his mother pursue her career, study, and perform. From his Italian-American father, John inherited his penchant for business. Sal was a second generation Italian, a successful business owner: Travolta Tire Exchange.

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