Finally, Street Art We Can All Support

Call it vandalism if you must, street art is the umbrella phrase which covers the broad strokes of unsanctioned artistic expression. Most adults don’t appreciate tagging, the act of inscribing one’s name, but street art tells a story. The best street artists turn the mundane into the insane. They make the observer smile for a minute. Their art reminds us that everything in this world can change with a little time and creativity. These are 25 of the good ones…

Bovine Adventures

When the original designer of these stanchions put pen to paper, it was to create something functional. For what purpose, anyone’s guess is fine. These are terrible for locking up a bike, and few people ride horses in the city these days. These posts were just begging for a little paint. Also, we’re begging for more. Do ‘em all like that!

Central Park for Bugs

A bug’s life in the city can be tough. Of the foliage options, they’re usually covered in exhaust oils or random city crud. Finding a lush place to grab a pint with a mate or seek refuge can be a challenge. Thankfully, the Coalition of Mini-park Preservationists still does this fine work. 

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