5 of the Biggest, Baddest MLB Brawls Ever (Video)

With the fairly recent brawl between the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers still fresh in most fans minds, I thought I would take a little trip down memory lane and take a look at five of the biggest brawls in the MLB.

1. Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks in 2013

This one appears on the list because not only did one bench clearing brawl occur on this day, but two did. Multiple players being hit led to two separate brawls to occur in one game. Punches were thrown and even the coaches got into it a little bit with the opposing teams players. Since then, this rivalry has seemingly died down a bit, but this was definitely a huge brawl that deserves its spot in this article.

2. Yankees vs. Red Sox in 2004

Of all the rivalries in the MLB, few are more storied, heated and legendary than the Yankees and Red Sox. The teams have had numerous different altercations, but this is probably one of the biggest. Like most of these brawls, it came from a hitter getting drilled by a pitch. Unlike most brawls (which are usually contained to pushing and shoving in one big pile) this brawl had numerous smaller secondary fights take place all over the diamond and led to many players being ejected.

3. Reds vs. Cardinals in 2010

With the Reds and Cardinals both looking to secure the NL Central crown, tensions were already running high during this game. And Brandon Phillips (second basemen for the Reds) didn’t help this when he accused the Cardinal’s players of complaining and whining prior to the game. The Cardinals catcher didn’t take kindly to this and the two began to jaw back and forth at the plate. Then, a massive brawl erupted that led to a few injuries and led to a huge mass of players up against the backstop, pushing, shoving, punching and kicking each other.

4. Yankees vs. Orioles in 1998

Of all of the brawls in MLB history, very few are more violent than this one. The fight began with a hitter being hit by pitch, looking for someone to fight and then being sucker punched and then all hell broke loose. The fight actually spread into the dugout where you could see numerous players throwing punches in that small, tight environment. The brawl also took a lot longer to stop compared to most we see in the last couple of years.

5. Braves vs. Padres in 1984

Any article or list about the biggest MLB brawls in history is incomplete if it doesn’t feature this brawl. The thing that makes this brawl so crazy was the fact that this game actually featured a grand total of four separate bench clearing brawls. Normally after a player is hit or something, teams will wait until next game to send a message but these teams just waited a few innings. Multiple batters were hit and in total, 11 players were fined (along with both managers) and four people were suspended for their role.