Game of Thrones Actors Who Look Totally Different Off-Screen

In costume, they look stupendous. Some of them are kings and queens. Others are warriors. Still, others are creatures from an ancient era. Have you ever wondered what the actors of Game of Thrones look like in real life, though, and just how different they really are from their characters? Look no further. Here’s twenty Game of Thrones actors who look totally different off-screen.

Lena Headey

Lena Headey is just as beautiful offscreen as she is on. The difference was more pronounced between actress and character in earlier seasons when Cersei still had her incredible, long hair. These days, Cersei sports a look much closer to her real-life counterpart: a look that matches haircuts worn both by Jaime and Joffrey. Headey is quite a fun person off-screen, which makes her transformation into the icy Cersei Lannister even more amazing.

Nathalie Emmanuel

This cutie gets all the awards for being absolutely stunning offscreen. While Missandei of Narth seems to be a bit of a play on the ingenue archetype, Nathalie Emmanuel cleans up rather nicely. She’s an incredibly intelligent woman, who always has new insight to offer in interviews – not only about her own character but also about others.

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