History’s Greatest Sports Conspiracies

The world loves a good conspiracy: Chemtrails, Bigfoot, moon landings, and Presidential assassinations have lead the way with popularity, but there is also a fascinating tale of deceit that runs deep within the sports world. Join us as we look at a few of the most shocking claims of conspiracy that professional sports has to offer including a few appearances by David Stern of the NBA.

The Knockout Heard Around The World

Muhammad Ali is considered boxing’s greatest hero for many reasons, but it all started with his fights with Sonny Liston in 1964 and 1965. In the first fight, Cassius Clay, not yet Ali, won in the seventh round to become the Heavyweight Champion of the world. The abrupt ending of the fight left some wondering if the fix was in and that the fight was rigged. While Liston’s corner said it was a bad shoulder, people thought that was a lie cooked up on the spot. Within days a rematch was presented and the fight would take place in Lewiston Maine in 1965.

The fight in 1965 was besieged with tough talk at the weigh in and in interviews in the weeks prior, the newly renamed Muhammad Ali tormented his opposition with his sharp wit and slashing insults. As the two entered the ring, the vibe of the last fight was still tainted with the undertones of a fix. The bell rang and the rematch was on. Midway into the first round, Ali went over a Liston jab with a quick right hand and Liston went down hard. Ali stood over the crumpled Liston yelling get up but the fight was stopped. Upon watching slow-mo replays in the days after the fight, the right thrown by Ali barely glanced Liston. It appeared that the fix was in once again.

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