Huge Mistakes In 58 Of Your Favorite Film Scenes

When someone produces a movie, we expect they dot every “i,” cross every “t” or that they would hire people to do these things. As audience members, we have to make some leaps of suspended belief. Otherwise, we’ll never lose ourselves in the story. That said, movie makers make more than movies. They make mistakes too. Here are 33 that will ruin these movies for you going forward.


Everyone knows that Scotsmen wear kilts, the skirt-like, plaid loin coverings that show too much when there’s a strong breeze. What most don’t know is that Scots didn’t start rocking the kilt until the 1600s. Braveheart takes place in the 1300s.

Gladiator – 1st offense

There is so much wrong with this movie from a historical standpoint, it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s begin with the main character, The Spaniard. That word is from Old French, which emerged around the 1300s. The problem is Gladiator was set in 180 AD. 

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