Juicy Tidbits From The Golden Girls

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If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s you’ll immediately recognize these four ladies and the all-star cast of The Golden Girls. Even if you missed the original airings of the show during the seven seasons it was on the air, you probably saw it during syndication. Even now, two or three decades later, that theme song can still get stuck in your head. But that’s when you know it’s a good show, right? Well, fan or not, there are quite a few things that went on behind the scenes that’ll catch you by surprise and we decided to bring them all together for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

25. Sophia Had Stage Fright

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If you watched The Golden Girls, chances are your favorite character was the quick and witty Sophia played by the one and only Estelle Getty. While it may not have seemed like it, at the time, Estelle had very little acting experience under her belt and that terrified her. Her biggest concern was that viewers would see right through her and know she was faking it.

24. That Looks Familiar

Hollywood sets can sometimes be elaborate works of art that transport your mind to wherever the creators want you to be. One of the most famous sets on The Golden Girls was of course the kitchen where the ladies often had intense discussions. If you remember having a bit of Deja Vu when watching these scenes, it might be because you’ve seen that particular kitchen set before. It was initially created for the popular show It Takes Two, but was fitted with different wallpaper for The Golden Girls.

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