Juicy Tidbits From The Golden Girls

23. Clip-Ons Can Hurt

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One thing that most women want in their lives is an extensive wardrobe with countless options to choose from. So you would think that landing a role on a sitcom would be a ladies dream come true strictly based on the clothes and accessories they would have access to. However, the great Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy Zbornak, hated her wardrobe on the show. One of her biggest pet peeves was the giant earrings Dorothy wore. This was mainly because she didn’t have her ears pierced and therefore they would cause her pain throughout shooting.

22. Thinking Ahead

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Since we’re talking about wardrobes, it’s worth mentioning that not all the ladies on the show felt the same way as Arthur. For example, Rue McClanahan knew that her character, Blanche Devereaux, would have numerous outfit changes due to her, let’s call it, “feisty” personality. McClanahan was thrilled by this and decided to use it to her advantage. She was clever enough to add a clause in her contract where she would take possession of Blanche’s entire wardrobe used for the show.

21. Almost Had a Butler

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As with most television shows, the pilot of The Golden Girls was quite a bit different than what eventually became the popular icon it is today. One of the biggest differences was the characters, or in this case the lack thereof. When they first started taping the show, the girls had both an in-house chef and maid to give the show more depth. However, the character was cut from the show and many reports indicate that it was most likely due to the character’s implied homosexuality.

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