RIP: Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Moments

We lost a legend tonight. Not one that was bigger than life but one that made life much more interesting for the rest of us. Cassius Clay AKA Muhammad Ali was a polarizing figure to say the least. He was a young Champion, young Muslim, draft dodger, civil rights hero and all around great human being. If you have ever watched the movie When We Were Kings you get a glimpse of things you never knew about the champ. His quiet side and his love of children and Africa and his searching for his true identity at any cost, race be damned.

I remember watching him box one night late as I sat next to my dad watching Ali in Africa fighting on our eight-inch black and white TV. My dad loved the way he boxed, he loved to cheer for Ali and curse him when he would be rope-a-doping his opponent. Ali did that his whole life; make people cheer and moan all in the same moment on occasion.

We remember Ali at his best and hope you do as well as we say goodbye to one of sports all time legends and heroes. RIP Muhammad Ali 1942-2016

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