Rare Photos of the Famous Reveal Unseen Moments

Pictures tell the stories that words cannot, but we see the same images all the time. How many versions of Jimi Hendrix playing Woodstock have we seen? We get it. Hendrix could wail. He played the national anthem like a boss. What we want to see is the picture of him backstage, after he plays the anthem, when he runs into George Harrison. Now that’s a story!

The images in this gallery capture those stories. Here are all the famous people you know, but not necessarily in the way you know them. This is the backstage view of yesterday, presented today. (Yes, that is Will Ferrell in a tiara at prom.)

Johnny Cash Eating Cake–1971

Johnny Cash is famous for a few things, none of which requires being a fan of his music. That’s how big he was. His reputation reached beyond the stage. He was country like nobody had ever seen before. He was the man dressed in black. He was also into drugs. Oh yeah, and he also enjoyed mac’n down on a strawberry cake from time to time. This image snapped of a shameless Cash, wound up as the cover of his album, “Strawberry Cake” in 1971.

Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke–Early ‘80s

Catherine Bach blazed a trail in her signature Daisy Dukes, so named after the character she made famous. The show might have focused the Duke boys, but it was called “The Dukes of Hazard,” and we all know for which Duke the audiences tuned in. It was all about Daisy Duke. Catherine Bach was not the look producers were going for. They’d envisioned more of a Gidget with Dolly Parton’s looks, turtlenecks, go-go boots, that sort of thing. Bach showed up in a t-shirt and cut-off shorts, and that was the end of the turtleneck idea.

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