Revealed: 40 Secret Mormon Beliefs & Practices

The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel

Long ago in Israel, there were ten tribes exiled from the land. Those became the ten lost tribes. As Mormons believe, one of these tribes was the Native people of the Americas. They came via boat, of course. Over time, their Egyptian language morphed into what we now consider native languages.

When Jesus Visited The U.S.A.

Speaking of Native Americans, the Mormons believe that Jesus appeared to the people of the Americas sometime after his crucifixion. Unlike how he appeared in the east, in America Jesus descended as an angel. He taught the native people the ways of the church, blessed the children, made a few priests, then moved on. Before Jesus left the natives, he foretold of a future when the United States would be home to a new Jerusalem.

The Truth About God

Humans have spent lifetimes debating the nature of the creator. To some, God is a formless entity in the sky. To others, God is the expression of love. To almost all who speak of a creator, they believe in an omniscience held by said creator. To the Mormons, God is a dude who now lives on another planet. They call that planet Kolob. If you ask Mormons where to find Kolob in the sky, they might point in some direction, but in their hearts, they know the greatest scholars among them have yet to agree on a location. 

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