See What Beauty Looks Like Around the World

3. Iceland

Posing in front of the frigid ocean, this blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty hails from Iceland. Iceland’s inhabitants are descended from Viking populations from Norway, Finland, and Sweden. She’s dressed for the harsh arctic winter, and doesn’t seem to mind the cold.

4. Moscow, Russia

This girl is a natural beauty. She poses in Moscow in front of a subway tunnel, looking into the camera with an interested expression. She wears minimal makeup and a very simple outfit – which only serves to accentuate how truly beautiful she is.

5. Thessaloniki, Greece


This girl poses on a street in Thessaloniki, Greece. She’s a classic Grecian beauty, with her thick, dark hair and stunning blue eyes. Greece’s beauty standards have remained amazingly unaffected even in the face of thousands of years of shifting fashions around the world.

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