Unforgettable Photos From Around The World

23. King Tut’s Unbroken Shrine

When Howard Carter, archeologist, snapped this image in 1922, it was moments before he adulterated the tomb of King Tutankhamun. Before he untied this knot, we believe 3,245 years had passed since someone tied it. One thing is for certain from this image, not much has changed in the business of rope-making.

22. First Lesbian Club in Paris

Of course, it was in Paris. You didn’t think the first lesbian club was in Oklahoma City? It was 1932. Oklahoma didn’t even know about lesbians at the time. The club, Le Monocle, was a reference to a symbol used by lesbians at the time. Lesbians used to wear a monocle as a subtle indicator of their preference for women. Paris was, as it always has been, fashion-forward in many ways. Then, the Nazis showed up.

21. Mongolian Starvation Box

The last place one ever wanted to end up was in a starvation box. Albert Kahn, the photographer, captured this image in 1913. If you found yourself as did this woman, stuck in a box, you only needed to survive a couple of months to regain your freedom. The catch was you would get very little food or water, not enough to survive. Also, they left the box in the desert heat. It was a slow and painful death.

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