The 20 Most Popular Athletes In The World

What would it be like to be among the most popular athletes in the world? The money, the fame, the fans…it seems to be something like a fairytale for the athletes on this list, but make no mistake; All of them arrived on this list because of hard work and determination. Nobody becomes great without sacrifice and a hell of a work ethic. Once an athlete has achieved goals of world titles, sponsorships and winning over the hearts of fans all over the world, they become legends. Take a look at these 20 athletes and see just how popular they have become.

20. Steph Curry


The new face of talent in the NBA belongs to a man named Steph Curry. The amazing 3 point hero has already lead his perennial loser of a team, the Golden State Warriors to an NBA championship behind his record 3-point shooting and 30 points per game. Curry makes about $15 million a year but that’s expected to increase dramatically after he lead his team to an all-time victories of 73 wins and his second straight award as league MVP.

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