The 20 Most Powerful People On The Planet

The world outside your door may seem large, but the number of people in control is fewer than you can imagine. That is the reality of a world economy where the smallest percentage controls so much. Add to that the disparities of military influences, and you get a hodgepodge of powerful individuals around the world. Don’t worry. They all have things under control, for now.

In reverse order, these are the people who most control our world.

20. Benjamin Netanyahu

It’s crazy that the leader of such a geographically small nation should control so much influence, but that is the case for Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. His hardline stance against Palestine has not helped that sphere of influence, as the United Nations is losing confidence in Netanyahu. As it turns out, the airstrikes he ordered against the Gaza Strip didn’t help things.

19. Jamie Dimon

Dimon is not just the CEO and president of JPMorgan Chase, he’s an influence on the White House. Despite being a democrat, albeit “barely” so by his own definitions, he’s an influence on the Trump administration. At one time, folks speculated that he would serve as the Secretary of the Treasure under former President Obama, but that did not happen. He has no official role in the current White House, but when Dimon talks, Trump listens.

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