The 20 Most Powerful People On The Planet

18. Ali Hosseini-Khamenei

As the Supreme Leader of Iran, yes that’s his title, Hosseini-Khamenei is an influential international figure. He’s taken a hard stance against Western Influence in the Middle East and Iran, against international sanctions and protest. It doesn’t matter to him. He controls the military and the media in Iran.

17. Carlos Slim Helú

Helú is the 60-billion Dollar Man, but he’s not an oil tycoon or politician. He’s Mexico’s Warren Buffet. The man is so wealthy, when he lost $6.5-billion in 2016, he remained the wealthiest man in the country. His influence on economics may be as far reaching as 40 percent of the country’s stock exchange. If he gains any more influence in the exchange, he’ll be the exchange.

16. Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

There are 32.5-million people in Saudi Arabia. It’s no India, but the per capita power of that country is massive. They control 18 percent of the world’s petroleum sources. While the citizens themselves don’t all control those assets, Al Saud controls the people who do, putting him in a very powerful spot.

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