The 25 Secrets Of Amish Life They’d Prefer You Didn’t Know

23. No High School

If the Amish wanted to ramp up their numbers, they should market to kids. That endless trails of school ahead of most kids would get cut short once they became Amish. They only school their children until the 8th grade. Of course, the Amish marketing crews would have to convince the parents of said kids, so bad idea. Never mind.

22. Teen Angst Okay

As part of their efforts to let individuals express freedom of will, teenagers get a sort of pass on their behavior. In their early teen years, before they get baptized, their behavior is considered with great leniency. The goal is to make it easy for them to choose the Amish path, to not push them away with endless rules.

21. Rumspringa

To better facilitate this freedom of will, teenagers get to break away from Amish tradition. It’s called “Rumspringa,” which translates to “running around.” They can leave the community, going as far as they wish. For some, a few hours or a cigarette are enough to know they prefer the Amish life. Some venture out far, never to return. For those who come back, they accept the baptism in short order.

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