The 25 Worst Shark Attacks Ever Recorded

No other animal on earth is more sensationalized than sharks. Forget all the logical reasons not to be afraid, such as people aren’t on the menu and the bigger danger is drowning, sharks live in the same world as airplane crashes and quicksand. The chances of an incident are tiny compared to the dangers of driving the freeway, but we don’t bat an eyelash at flying down the freeway separated from death by painted lines on the pavement. That said, planes crash, people sink in quicksand (don’t they?), and sharks occasionally break logic. What follows is the proof. Don’t continue if you’re squeamish.

25. Brook Watson

In history, this incident off the coast of Cuba, in Havana Harbor, is the first recorded shark attack. A merchant sailor, 14-year-old Brook Watson, took a dip off the coast one day in 1749. The shark that attacked young Watson first attacked his right leg, stripping the flesh from the bone below his calf. Then it came back to take his right foot. His shipmates saved his life, but he lost his right leg below the knee.

24. Rand Fry

Back in 2004, off the Mendocino Coast of California, Fry and his long-time diving companion Cliff Zimmerman headed out into the surf. Zimmerman was a yard away from Fry when they felt the pressure of something large beneath them. Of the account, Zimmerman told the San Fransisco Gate, “I knew it was a shark. It almost brushed me. I saw its dorsal fin. I don’t know what kind it was; all I know is, it was big. Big. It was big enough to kill.” All at once the shark shook Fry staining the water red with blood. Fry’s body washed ashore the next day with his head removed.

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