The 25 Worst Shark Attacks Ever Recorded

23. Terry Manuel

Off the west coast of Australia on January 9, 1974, Manuel and his buddy had been diving when they surfaced to take a break. The great white shark hit Manuel at what his friend Talbot estimates was around 25 mph. It was with enough force that Manuel bled out before they were able to get him help.

22. David Lilienfeld

In Kogel Bay, South Africa in 2012, a 20-year old bodyboarder lost a leg to a great white. Lilienfield, according to eye-witness accounts, was in the water about 20-30 meters from the shark. Onlookers on the overlook attempted to shout a warning, but the surfers couldn’t hear them. Then the shark disappeared, rising up from below the surfers. Lilienfeld went under twice, the second time filling the water with blood. The next time they saw his body was when it washed ashore.

21. Todd Endris

On August 28, 2007 in Monterey Bay, California, Endris was surfing when a 15-foot great white shark attacked. In this incident, dolphins came to the rescue of a fellow mammal, keeping the shark away from Endris after the attack. His friends were able to pull Endris out of the water and get him help. It was 500 stitches and 200 staples that saved his life at that point, with the blood loss taking six weeks to recover. Then, in 2016, in a crazy twist to the story, Endris died in a car accident.

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