The Best Timed Selfies Ever

This is that moment when you try to feed your parrot a french fry from your mouth for a cute Instagram post. You know the one, right? We’ve all got parrots. Anyway, then you see the seagull sweeping down. Your parrot does not. That’s game, set, match; the seagull scoops up a free meal. The parrot goes hungry, and you get the best shot ever.

Bae in My Selfie

There was a time when fans went to concerts to see and have the chance to touch their idols. If it was a rock concert, one might snag a drum stick or guitar pick. Now fans only want to snap a selfie with the main act. Queen B is such a good sport, she stopped long enough during her show to let this fan get a good one. How ‘bout the next day at school for this young lady?

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