The Craziest Pitching Styles in Major League Baseball

As a pitcher, you look for any advantage you can when on the mound. At least within the rule book of course even though they may be a grey area to some pitchers throughout history, but that’s a discussion for another time. Today we’re gonna talk about the weird and crazy pitching styles that have been used over the years. And while most of them would make a pitching coach cringe, every one of them made it to the Major Leagues.

Some of the crazy styles will only apply to certain pitches while others are used all the time. That could mean the way they wind up or the way they release the ball. I know one of the most difficult to hit are the guys that have a low-slung sidearm because the trajectory of the ball is so different than you’re used to. There are a few talented players like Johnny Gueto that can drastically change the timing of his realease by adding a little shimmy or shake. No matter what the tactic, it was always entertaining to watch at the highest level because it added that slight twist to the “normal” gameplay.