The Groovy Era And The People That Made It Awesome

When someone talks about the “Groovy Era,” they’re most likely referring to the 1960s and 1970s. Although, it was more than a specific time frame,  it was a mentality, or way of life. It was the shift from the ultra-conservative way of thinking to being more free-spirited.

The images from that era are tell the tale of what it was all about. To that end, we’ve compiled some of the best photos  that represent this time period for your viewing pleasure.

Ann Margret, Look What I Can Do

Photo: vintag

Many of you will immediately recognize not only the gorgeous woman in this photo, but the incredible chopper motorcycle too. That’s because most young men from that era likely had this poster of of Ann-Margret and her awesome Triumph Chopper on their wall. Photographer Douglas Kirkland snapped this photo outside of Las Vegas in 1971.

Lounging Like Jane Fonda

Photo: pinterest

Jane Fonda is more or less a household name now after having an extremely successful career as a model, actress, political activist, and of course, fitness guru. She has represented true and genuine beauty in Hollywood since the ’60s. Here she is pictured during the beginning stages of her career lounging in the back of a limousine while enjoying a relaxing card game.

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