The Most Regretted Baby Names

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It’s not uncommon for little girls to play games where they try and come up with what names they will give their children when the time comes. However, choosing a name that someone will have for the rest of their life is not exactly an easy thing to do. There are some names that seem to stand the test of time, and others that go in and out of style just like the many different fashion trends that come and go. However with as much thought that goes into making the long term decision, one-fifth of parents later regret the names they chose. One of the main reasons is the name being too common. And sometimes, parents felt that “it didn’t feel right” once they learn the child’s personality.

Here is a list of baby names that parents claim to have regretted using at a later time, is your name on the list?


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It may have origins dating back to ancient Greece, but I’m sure many of us know a few people named Alex even today. Alex, short for Alexandra or Alexander, is a unisex name that reached the height of its popularity in the 1990’s. But because it’s such a common name, many parents regretted using it. They must’ve forgotten about historical figures such as Alexander the Great and Alexander Graham Bell who used the name with pride.


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Many parents often referred to their religious background when naming their children. And there’s not a more common place to find baby names than in the Old Testament of the Bible. Jacob is one of those names, and it’s actually listed as one of the top 10 most popular names in history because of it. Even with those ancient origins, the name Jacob saw an influx from 1999-2012, and during that 13 year period it was the most popular name parents used to give their little boys.

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