The Top Three Crossovers of Allen Iverson’s Career

For my money, probably the most entertaining player in NBA history is none other than Allen Iverson. And while the guys were a great all-around player, he is likely remembered most fondly for his amazing ball handling skills and crossovers. He had a ton of noteworthy crossovers, but here are his top three.

1. On Antonio Daniels

Not only did Iverson perform an amazing crossover on Antonio Daniels that dropped him, he did it twice in the same drive. It really is incredibly hard to drop a player with a crossover, but to do it twice on the same play is unheard of. This came right in the hay day of Iverson’s ankle breaking days and is one of those clips that will be played on every Iverson highlight reel until the end of time. This is a classic and is among the best crossovers and finishes you will ever see.

2. On Tyronn Lue

While this move itself isn’t quite as legendary as the other two in this article, the setting and circumstances make it one of his best. In the 2001 NBA Finals, the 76ers were basically given no chance against the powerhouse Lakers team. Well, in game 1, Iverson put the team on his back, scoring 48 points to help them win as huge underdogs. But easily the most memorable moment of the game came late when Iverson dropped Lue with a step back crossover and jumper and then proceeded to step over him in a hugely iconic move.

3. On Michael Jordan


This was a absolutely classic moment between two of the greatest and most influential players of all time. A rookie Allen Iverson was at the top of the key with the best player of all time in between him and the basket. The crowd cheered and prepped themselves for this battle. Iverson sized him up a bit, knew Jordan would bite, and made the move, crossed Jordan and made the shot. This became one of the most iconic crossovers in basketball history and it showed that even as a rookie, Iverson could compete with the best in the world.